This is about the features of set-up services of branches in Japan by Incorporation Rescue which supports set-up of foreign companies.

Setting up a Branch in Japan


Checking the legal documents of the company and documentary arrangement,
translation fee for the Affidavit, about daily pay and transportation fee ※1
Registration License Tax(Revenue Stamp fee) ※290,000JPY
Two Certified Copies of Commercial Registration(Revenue Stamp fee)1,200JPY
Two Certificate of Company Seals(Revenue Stamp fee)650JPY
Total (Including tax)231,850JPY
  • ※1 Besides the translation for the Affidavit, there may be an additional fee for translation.A part of the daily pay may include the registration application fee that will go to the Judicial Scrivener.
  • ※2 If a representative registers in Japan, but without setting up an office in Japan, this will cost 60,000JPY.

Establishment Procedure

1.Transferring in the Mobilization Fee

Please transfer 10,000JPY to us in advance of work being commenced.

2.Deciding the Basics of the Legal Entity in Japan

Please fill in the main office name, the representatives name and the purpose of the legal entity in the confirmation that we will send you from our office.
At the same time, please send us a copy of the representative’s identification such as a copy of the passport. If available, please send the main offices articles of incorporation (original or copy) to us.

3.Making an Affidavit

Prepare the mother company Registration Certification, Affidavit, Certification of Official Registration of a Name Stamp (Sign Certification※1)The Affidavit needs to be certificated by the Notary Public in your country.
We will translate all the documents from English to Japanese. Please fill in the application form that we will give you.When the originator is an individual, Registration Certification and Affidavit are not needed.

4.Application for Registration

Turning in the affidavit into the jurisdiction of the Legal Affairs Bureau to register.It costs 90,000JPY as registration tax to register a branch in Japan.However when you do not set up an office in Japan, it costs 60,000JPY.Before registration we will charge you the rest of the fee including the registration tax.

5.The Finishing Step for Registration Turning in the Tax Report

It takes about one week to finish the registration.
After the registration, you will receive a certified copy of Commercial Registration and Certification of Seal.
Then, we will turn in the Report of Having Become a Foreign Corporation to the tax office.

It takes about one week from step 4 to step 5.
It takes three to four weeks to set up a legal entity in Japan because of the preparation needed for the documents needed in step 1 to step 3.

Contact Flow

  1. Please send us your information from Contact Us.
  2. After confirming your information, we will send you an Email or Fax to explain our procedure and may ask you some questions.
  3. Please pay 10,000JPY to us in advance of work being commenced on agreeing to the contents of our services.
  4. After the payment has been confirmed, we will start working on your request. It will take three to four weeks.
  5. We offer special plans for Accounting and Tax after setting up a legal entity in Japan.You can also apply for this service at the same time.